Sparkly New Year!

happy new year ginger

Another year has come and gone.  2015 was a good one for Sir and me.  We found ways, through health scares, shitty work schedules, a lay-off, a new job, and other interruptions, to prioritize each other and those things that are vital to Us.

What will this year bring?  More spankings, I’m sure.  New toys?  I hope so (I’d really love a new jeweled plug, Daddy!).  More of Sir pushing my to be the best ginger I can be.  More of me surrendering to His leadership and love.

Sparkly New Year’s wishes from His bratty ginger!

Some Have A Very Dark Side , Michael Makai

This was researched and put together by Vile. I think it’s a reminder that we always have to use our heads. If something feels off, pay attention to your instincts.


I am going to say it was roughly two years ago I received a phone call , at that time I was very interested in starting a internet radio show , and today I am still pondering the idea. It is a long time commitment if I were to venture into such a thing.

The call came in and the number was blocked , I found that to be somewhat odd but I took it anyway , note this was already prearranged. I had a million questions and then a few more, as I was talking the answers I was getting , were in a belittling format , but I just looked over it because it was apparent the person I was speaking with on the phone was not who he portrayed himself to be…. It was not long after I unfriended  him from social media.

So a somewhat successful…

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A ginger’s Place

So Sir has been a gentleman of leisure for the past eight weeks.  His former supervisor called him in after he’d worked his whole day and told him they weren’t renewing his contract and he’d just finished his last day.

On the upside, they are continuing to pay the remainder of his contract through the end of February and they released him from his non-compete.  Because of this, there hasn’t been a desperate urgency to find the next thing.  Truth be told, he really was due a time to decompress and find his happiness.

Part of me and my parents relationship... Ugh. Just let me live and figure things out on my own! I don't need you to tell e what to do!!! And stop keeping the world's ways away from me people thinking that I'm going to judge. I'm not going to judge. That's retarded and insane!!!!! How will I ever learn if I'm never told what happens in real life? I want to learn! I'm not stupid either...

But it seems the weeks of being at home are taking their toll.  Lately he’s taken to ranting about various topics, from politics to religion to the antics of his failed-to-launch daughter.

Today, as he aimed his barrage at me minutes after I walked in from work, I just sort of shrugged.  When he’s talking to me, he’s preaching to the choir.

“I don’t know what to tell you, babe,” I said.

He crossed his arms and shook his head.  “You’re just supposed to listen and say, ‘Yes, Daddy, you’re right.'”  He arched an eyebrow.  “You’re bad at this.”

Oh, yeah.  My steely-eyed news man needs to get back to work.

I Choose

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-09-09-34-1.pngI’m in an Anais Nin mood today.  If I could sit and have coffee with anyone from history, she would be the one.  She recognized who she was and embraced it wholeheartedly and unapologetically.  And she did so when society was not quite as tolerant as it believes itself to be in modern times.

If I could sit and have coffee with anyone now, it would be Rita.  Same reasons.

And I’m feeling grateful to have found the man who has the courage to treat me like a woman.

Have a Sexy Sunday!

Collared And Content

In BDSM, a collar signifies ownership.  There are as many kinds of collars as there are submissives, I suppose.  Some are very fancy, others are simple and plain.  There are play collars, serious collars, day collars…

When we first started this journey, I was not at all certain that I wanted anything to do with a collar.  Not that it would be up to me.  I can remember the first big scene Sir planned for us.  Somewhere early on, his belt came off and he slipped it around my neck.  He pulled it snug but not tight.  Much to my surprise, I loved the feeling of the leather against my skin.  I loved the sense of security it gave me.  We used that belt for quite a while.

wpid-20150318_130349-1.jpgA few years ago, Sir gave me a beautiful custom-made black leather collar with a matching lead.  I love everything about it, the feel, the deep leather scent, the weight of the lead.  I wear it at home for bonding, for playing, and occasionally when I need a reminder of to whom I belong.


But I have had a desire for a day collar, an innocuous necklace that I can wear on a daily basis that serves as a private symbol of Sir’s ownership.  So I was thrilled when, for my recent birthday, Sir gifted me with a beautiful day collar.  It’s a small but heavy silver heart studded with crystals, and it hangs on a short silver chain.  I absolutely love it and every time someone compliments me on it, I smile to myself at the reminder of my loving Sir.